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Can you learn how to always win at roulette?

We put our years of experience to good use and provide valuable information for Brazilian players who like to bet on the red and black wheel. Whether you prefer European, French or American Roulette or want to enjoy live dealer games at the online casinos we rate as the best, our roulette strategy is designed to help you win big.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Possibly the most important of all Roulette tips is practice. Like many table games, Roulette has subtleties and nuances that many players only pick up on after a lot of practice. There are also a large number of betting options that allow you to go from a simple bet to a more complex one as you progress.

The Portuguese online casinos recommended by offer free games, giving you the perfect opportunity to practice.

Choose European Roulette

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Another important tip for playing Roulette is to consider playing the European version of the game, rather than the American one. The American Roulette wheel has a numbered slot with an additional double zero, which increases the house edge by almost double compared to the European version.

European roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, giving players the best possible chance of winning.

Place Outside Bets

When it comes to betting, one of the most useful tips for playing Roulette is placing outside bets. These are the bets that include traditional bets like Odd or Even, High or Low, Red or Black.

While these bets may yield smaller profits, they offer more chances to win on a regular basis.

Learn all about the various Roulette winning systems

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There are several systems on how to win playing Roulette that can be used with great results. suggests that if you want to win for real, you should examine the principles of the various different strategies and apply them in the way that suits you.

The D’Alembert, Martingale and Labouchere systems are all very popular with players looking at continued success.

Set a limit and don’t exceed it

The first tip that every single player should take into consideration is that roulette, like all games, has risks and there is no infallible formula for winning. Players must understand the odds of the Roulette game and accept that sometimes there will be losses. Although some players will place higher bets to compensate for losses, it is generally advisable to keep bets small on such occasions, or to stop betting if you lose a series of bets.

Balanced fund management is one of the best strategies for roulette. The easiest way to develop a fund budget is to set aside a certain amount of money each month earmarked for gambling. Divide that amount by the number of gambling sessions you intend to enjoy. Make sure you keep any winnings as you can cash them out, or use them to boost your funds for future cash roulette sessions.

In European Roulette betting in groups

One of the best roulette betting tips is to bet on groups of numbers rather than individual numbers. Bet groups have a higher probability of winning and therefore lower risk than other types of bets. Bet on groups such as colours, even or odd numbers or tens to maximise the odds of winning. As a general rule, European Roulette is the Roulette game variant preferred by players because the house edge is smaller than in American Roulette.

The group bets are known as outside bets, as they are on the outer edge of the betting range that appears on the table. They are 50/50 bets and are exceptionally useful if the version of European roulette you are playing uses rules from the French version, such as “La Partage”. Outside bets have winning odds of almost 50/50.

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